A metroidvania about time & decision making.


Self-Paced Combat

Attack, dash, parry and attack again! or just relax and explore the world and do some sidequest.
Level up, learn new skills, meet new friends and enemies, or just go and fight every boss and complete the game as fast as possible. It's your choice!

Explore New Lands

Discover the world where time stops, and explore this cursed vast lands full of different characters! Found over 100 quests, different companions and areas to play while an epic pixel art & chiptune soundtrack follow you during your adventure.


Choose Your Side

Play 2 stories at the same time! Ebul's "Reminiscense" story and Keybold's "Celestial" story.
2 rival clans looking for the same but with different visions. Your choices will lead one of the clans to the victory.

Change The Future

Change our destiny and save your friends kill your enemies make a choice. Every action matters, every decision you make, every path you take, and every character you met, the future of this world and the length of our story could change. Would you get all the endings?


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